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Turnaround is typically one to two weeks depending on how many orders are in my queue, but rush-orders are accepted for an additional charge. All you need are clear photos (please see my FAQ page for suggested guidelines for good reference pics) and as detailed a description of any themes, bodies or backgrounds. Pricing is subect to details.

Gift Caricature

Looking for a unique and personalized gift? ? A studio caricature is the perfect idea!
Drawn from photographs (which can be sent electronically) and mailed to you or sent as a digital file  (ideal for publication or if you're going to print it yourself). The sky's the limit as far as ideas are concerned. Unique themes, backgrounds, bodies, etc., make for a gift that can be framed and enjoyed forever. This is ideal for retirement gifts, birthday presents, wedding or party sign-in boards, company group-drawings, and awards (make it a tradition!).

Questions about my Gift Caricatures or illustrations, or would you like to place an order? Click here: