Other Frequently Asked Studio Caricature Questions

The basics of ordering a studio caricature: 

Studio caricatures range from simple drawings with a basic background to caricatures featuring multiple people and complicated themes. I offer simple line drawings, grey-scale, simple color schemes or highly-rendered publication-quality illustrations. After receiving your request, I send previews of my progress from the rough-sketch through the final drawing.  All I need is a description and photos. 

Studio Caricatures/Illustration

Suggested photo guidelines for Studio caricatures and illustration.

A good caricature is highly dependant on good reference photos. Here are some suggestions for good photos.

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- Close-up photos at a head-and shoulder distance work best. Taken too close, photos tend to distort. Taken from too far away, and vital information can become obscured. Make sure the entire head is showing (including the hair).

- If possible, provide at least two or three photos of each subject. Ideally, at least one photo of a 3/4 angle or side-view helps if they have a ponytail or unique hairstyle or prominent facial features.

- Indoor photos with good lighting are best. People tend to squint outdoors.

- Light colored backgrounds are ideal, especially if the subject has dark hair.

- NO Instagram-filtered photos or photos with smoothing effects. They tend to wash out some structure and make it difficult to get an accurate likeness.

- Include eye and hair color with the description.

- If you want to specific hairstyle, it's ideal to submit a photo of the subject with that hairstyle. 

- If your subjects are going to wear specific clothes in the drawing (such as wedding attire or a uniform) they don't actually need to wear them in the photo. I can add that in the drawing with either a reference photo or description of the clothing. It's ideal to include a full-length photo to get an idea of their body-type.

- Natural facial expressions are best to grasp the subject's "essence." In other words, if they're generally smiling, then a smiling photo is best. If they're grouchy, by all means submit a grouchy photo. Remember, this is a humorous drawing!

Q:How long does it take you to draw a gift caricature? 

A: It depends on how many commissions I have at the time, but typically I have a one or two-week turnaround time. I accept rush orders (for an additional charge) but that is subject to availability.

Q: What does a gift-caricature cost?
It depends on the request. On the low price-range are simple head-and-shoulder caricatures with a simple background. On the high end are publication-quality caricatures with full bodies and themes or vehicles. Contact me for pricing. 

Q: Do you draw pets/animals?

A: YES! 

Q: What size are they?

A: I typically draw at 11" X 14," but can work on any size up to 13" X 19." Larger sizes are subject to extra printing costs

Q:In a caricature with two or more people, do I have to send a photo with everyone in the same picture?

A: No. In fact, I prefer separate photos of each person. I'll, of course, put everyone together in the drawing.

​Q: Can you send the drawing electronically? 

​A: Yes. For larger files I provide you with a link to an online folder in whatever format you prefer (JPEG, TIFF, PDF, etc).